Mostly…mostly they do”

I’m not quite sure what motivates humans to express themselves, and we’ve been doing so for a very long time now. Neanderthal never got to a place in their existence, where they were compelled to adorn themselves or their living spaces with what humans refer to as art. None of the other primate species participate in the emotional ritual of creativity either. Anyone reading this piece can relate somewhat to this concept I’m attempting to describe, or you wouldn’t be here in the first place. Does this suggest and support the theory that conscious reality is a measurable physical presence within the universe, similar to all the other phenomenon that occur? 

Animals share with other animals through the sensory receptors and neurological systems they each possess, but appear to be excluded from emotional contemplation. That’s not to say they don’t feel heightened levels of fear and joy surrounding particular circumstances we often identify with our emotions, well because that’s how we compare everything, right. Watch your pet while they are in a state of rest. They don’t appear to be contemplating the degree of their affection for you verses the possibility of living at another humans house. Humans have only domesticated a minute fraction of the overall animal population, and look how we’ve transformed a single species (canis) into hundreds of breeds of dogs. Yet, somehow we can’t gift them our version of conscious reality to inspire them to create nonessential abstract objects and designs. 

Much of what is designed and written strictly for admiration (no functional purpose) takes roots in the human concept of love. I often wonder if our ancestors were “starved for affection” as is the case with most humans today, or did they even know what emotional neglect was? Did adolescent hunter gatherers bitch about their parents rule structure? Was defiance of social oppression exhibited with revolt against the parents overbearing expectations? We have socially evolved to what is modernity in the social context, and these behavioral adaptations to this evolution have molded the emotional aspects of our species as well. The entire structure of the human emotional complex is indeed an aggregation of its accumulative nature over the course of our existence. There’s no getting it right, because it is a never ending process. The uncertainty this idea suggests puts the majority of humans in a constant state of anxiety, given we all simply want to relax, knowing everything is ideal for who we see ourselves as. 

I believe it’s from this friction about belonging, we are inspired to create, to be heard and noticed as something uniquely us. Group selection hijacked natural selection diminishing genetic superiority over the centuries. Each person’s specific attribute as a human comes from their consciousness, not their stature. The larger the sampling (population) becomes, the greater the shift toward an even higher level of conscious awareness it necessitates. Finding peace from all this…becomes simply a state of mind.



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