The life worth remembering…”

Today, we laid to rest a wonderful man, and a friend of mine. Mr Ken left this world after 102 years of stomping around exploring its wonders, and it’s people. He lived a good long life, which is a challenge considering the difficulty accomplishing either, let alone both. He called the office nearly every single day with his imfamous “curiosity question”! We would give him the low down on our interpretation of the day’s happenings, and he would relate it to a past experience from many years back. He may have been the most compassionate man I’ve ever known, relating to any struggle around the world from a humanitarian perspective. He never judged people for their problems, but knew what freedom and oppression truly looked like. You see, his group was partially responsible for the liberation of several concentration camps during WWII. Ken saw with his own eyes the depths of human cruelty first hand. Somehow he separated the people of Germany from those inflicting such horror upon other humans. I’m honored to have been a part of his life, and him a part of mine. He will be greatly missed…but never forgotten.




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