Get over it…”

“Boars Nest…

…L E G I T”

This post is a dual purpose piece, in that I combine pictures of amazing food with a story about the world. The title implies the theme for the storyline. The single biggest challenge facing humans remains the inability to relinquish the past. That attachment to “what was” stifles the imagination of “what can be

Belief in a higher power arose almost simultaneously across the landscape of cultures throughout humankind. We seemed to develope a collective desire to identify the self, by crafting a story of how we became to belong. Homo Sapeins have evolved into these creatures craving connection and belonging with other Homo Sapeins, and being a part of a particular story is vital to the mass percentage of our population. Belief tranformed into faith, which moved to physical qualities similar to our own, to match our perspective, then consolidated into the modern day secular forms of organized religion. There’s NO intent here to bash religion or faith, just a quick anthropological update! The point in all that is, these faith based social evolutions have brought us to today, and that’s not where we could be with a slightly different perspective. The challenge is and remains, spawning that compelling story, and properly distributing it across all of humanity simultaneously. 

For the first time in the history of our species, we possess the capacity to share a single piece of information with nearly every human on earth at the speed of light. That ability alone represents the possibility to deliver “The Greatest Story Ever Told”

The barrier to accomplishing such a monumental task is the global attachment to the past. Because of what’s happened before this very moment represents such horrific capacity of humans to disregard their fellow species. We’re not talking about survival of the fittest here, we’re speaking of inherent genetic hatred of other groups of people for their faith based social structure. That grudge alone “Binds and Blinds” when it comes to identifying commonality amount varying cultures. Hell, even within specified subcultures! 

The only possible solution to such a complex lingering historic agenda is “A New Story

Why can’t that be constructed right here and now…

…by those, who care enough to forget what’s behind us”



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