Feeling our way around…”

This is yet another dual purpose post, where my intigration of food photo’s and some thoughts about humanity. Yesterday we grilled out with friends at their house. Three slices of beef tenderloin adorned with a nice piece of tuna. It tasted every bit as good as it appears in this pic. 

I was engaged in a WordPress conversation with a fellow subscriber, who is a researching PhD psychologist, about a post in which she wrote about comic humor wrapped around sexual assault. My educational background was inquired about, to which I replied with the most vague response imaginable. I have a high school education, which I place no pride or shame in. Does my education limit the credibility of my thoughts, which I derive from my experiences and consumption of others experiences? I read an awful lot of other folks research. Working in the field I do, outside of dealing with individuals and their emotional concerns about their finances, I build my story of how I view the world at large. I’m engaged daily with brilliant minds from a multitude of educational backgrounds ranging from MBA’s to PhD’s in economics from places like Yale, Harvard, MIT, and the likes. Analysts, who pour their lives into gaining an understand so precise, they can support their opinions in writing without fear of being so wrong others will face financial ruin. So, reading that question inspired me to evaluate just how I relate my knowledge base to the people I share it with. I listed in my very first post the people I gain wisdom and inspiration from via their publications. Even Albert Einstein sought mathematical assistance with the validation of his general theory of relativity. 

Today, the complexity of life on our planet is beyond the capacity for the vast majority of the human population to wrap their minds around. That’s not a slap against being average, but a perspective for an analogy. “Paleolithic emotions” was the description E.O. Wilson cited in his assessment of our species from a biological perspective. Accepting this notion weighs down the average, when it comes to the idea of overcoming such a handicap and gaining an accurate overview of the current state of complexity. Balancing the heart and mind is the age old dilemma for all of us. How would we even know that we’ve attained this balance? There’s no finish line we cross to mark our arrival, and there’s so many side tracks to this metophoric path we follow. All anyone can do is feel our way to a peaceful resting place



9 thoughts on ““Win/Win”

  1. I didn’t see it as “snobbery”

    We were in her area of expertise, I guess it just surprised me? I don’t get asked about my education very often, and most times I bring it up to point out how hard I work to stay informed.

    Thanks for your kind words of support though ๐Ÿ˜

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  2. Your wide range of knowledge and passion to learn always amazes me. Your perspective on people in general and as humans is so refreshing. I love how you challenge the status quo and make those you engage with support their statements and beliefs ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿข

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  3. I just asked because I thought Plectrumm was a researcher. He came over as someone who reads a lot of research. I responded very positively to his reply being “works for me” and I asked to continue to reply to my writings…..

    The world being ruined by PhDs with no compassion…..Well, I might sound dumb , but I think the world can do without judgmental people with no compassion.

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