Winding down…”

“…Crab Cake Benedict”

May is my favorite month of the year, given its my birth month, and Spring is full on with green leaves and flowers everywhere. It’s a sentimental connection for May and my heart, and it’s about to come to an end once again, tomorrow. To celebrate, I made a low country breakfast using my very first hollandaise sauce. Those biscuits I threw down yesterday, became the foundation for Cajun style crab cakes, nestled with a poached egg, drizzled in the Devine egg yolk gravy. 

Watched a TEDTALK yesterday, in which Mariano Sigman suggested some pretty thought provoking shit!

I’m a sucker for new approaches to standard assumptions. After hearing on Bloomberg Radio last week about the all out quest for “AI” software by the tech big boys, I have to put some perspective on what Mr Sigman is suggesting here. Are we on the brink of Internet scrubbing algorithms hunting for potential mental/emotional shortcomings? Does Minority Report come to life right in front of our own eyes? 

Watched a couple of new episodes of Chef’s Table, where ants were incorporated for their unique taste profile. You do realize their significance in the animal kingdom, right? If you weigh all the humans, and all the ants on the entire planet, they’re nearly equal in weight! E.O. Wilson attributes this to the similarity in social structures between the two species. 

Hearst Castle indoor pool…

…the blue is Murano Glass tiles! 14 million or so!”

Casablanca…the namesake house for this Morroccan city”

June is going to be a busy month. Everyone who’s getting married in our circle of friends, is getting it done next month. Before you know it, July will be right in our grill! (Figuratively and Literally) #Scotland awaits the July wind down, but until then, I’ve got plenty to focus on. I’ll say goodbye to May, but it can never be forgotten…😎



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