We the people…

…All 9 Billion”

Love is the cohesion of our consciousness to our reality. Complexity arrives from increased opportunity, thus our ascension into immortality becomes exponentially more complicated as the number of sentient beings rises. 

There, for the spirituality inclined, I’ve given a baseline for analysis. Now, to the thinkers involved, let’s discuss the human population problem. The path humanity is traveling takes the sustainability concept to task, in that the natural resources needed to offer the current middle class lifestyle of the developed western cultures to a majority of the earths people, will create habitability issues for billions. 

Ideology” has clouded the vision of our species from the origin of faith, up to this very moment. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shit outta me some capitalism…its just not sustainable for another century without some adaptations.  Everyone focusing solely on their personal best interest is unsustainable with respect to food and water. Civilizations have risen around those two basic components for life. It’s not a matter of believing a scientific theory or a religious doctrine, this is about the collective footprint of nine billion humans by 2050. The higher more people climb in the socioeconomic food chain, the broader that impression becomes. The shear volume of waste from the protein supply chain along with an enriched diet we humans drift toward, absent the shackles of poverty. These factors alone will transform the earths atmosphere and water supplies into less sustainable forces at some point. 

So, what the fuck can we do about it? 

We need to merge the technological aspects of the industrial food complex, and redirect the supply back across the various communities. We’ve segregated the various sources away from their natural cycles, thus creating large concentrated supplies of adverse waste streams, and overconsumption of the ground water supplies in heavily produced regions. More individuals should produce a much larger percentage of their caloric needs. 
The changing climate will reposition billions of people around the world, as rising sea levels and changing rain patterns shift fertile land regions from their current locales. Water is the key to life, and it’s abundance dictates where humans thrive. 9 billion humans will need to adapt to where that abundance falls…

How do we transform our way of thinking away from such old world traditional mindsets, to an adaptive solutions based viewpoint to challenge the destructive path we are currently on?

A team of Dutch scientists headed by Mark Post synthesized the first hamburger from bovine stem cells, bypassing the waste stream, and greenhouse gas emissions from traditional agricultural methods. You have to believe, once this threshold of resistance is overcome, the door to cultivation of proteins via this process will become much more mainstream. It’s the belief system acting as the barrier here, not rationalization of the benefits. Belief’s are closely tied to emotions, and the Paleolithic self rises to their defense. Humans drop down to consumer like analysis whenever quality of living is weighed against delaying gratification for a greater good.

 “The dollar menu at McD’s won’t harm the planet too much, given I’m hungry now at their drive thru”

“Ideology” is what’s at stake here. Can we give up on the concepts for moral/social order passed down by those less developed generations that preceded us…


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