Things keep changing…

…and sometimes it’s not enough”

It’s a difficult proposition to get an individual to challenge their beliefs. That’s what we grasp as identity and hold on, no matter what. I read this piece this morning:

Mysterious Cave Rings Show Neanderthals Liked To Build : The Two-Way : NPR

It struck me at the wide ranging opinions generated from this discovery from the various experts in this field. It’s almost as if  consensus would invalidate the credibility of the individuals making their commentary.
This is exactly how wide spread belief’s get their “stickiness”

It’s this human characteristic that holds down so many of our species. Hatred is a weakness of character, yet it perpetuates over thousands of years without the benefit of review for relevance. How can something not occurring in your lifetime, or anyone you’ve ever known’s lifetime, effect you personally today?

Forgiveness” appears to be aligned with ideology in such a way, it’s misunderstanding for application is never in question. Talking, teaching, preaching, proclamations of differences, segregates a single species into dysfunction.

“Too few know too much…

…while too many know too little”

#Compassion feels like the high road to a better world. More change will be needed…


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