We must carry on this toughest of conversations. Love is not a sickness, it’s an instinctive component of the consciousness. The counter balance to the aggressive primal tendencies we use to challenge the other species inhabiting the planet. Too often we treat love as though we were rationing out a portion onto a plate. Too big of a portion, might prevent someone down the line from receiving a serving. Too small, we go hungry ourselves. Love isn’t a finite reality, it’s how we project ourselves to connecting with others. All we withhold, robs us of an opportunity to enrich our lives…



5 thoughts on ““Win/Win”

  1. like that….to receive but also to give.

    Fromm (1956): There is all types of love: brotherly love, motherly love, erotic love, self love and Love of God.

    Mind you as this is written in the fifties, the language is out-dated. But I guess people get the idea…

    Fromm saw Love as the answer to the problems of human existence.

    Erich Fromm: The Art of Loving

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