Why must there be hate…?”

I changed the title today, to represent the very reason it’s there in the first place. Yuval Noah Harari tells the story of how we humans have used fiction to get what we want in life, no matter what that costs. Humans imagine ideas that are not an objective reality, they can’t be detected with the neurological receptors we navigate around this planet with. Rather, you can only sense them in your mind, and feel them with your joy and sorrow. It’s through our language, imagitive, and manipulative skills that we are where we are today. Today we remain at the crossroads of hate and abundance. 

The belief that a group following a particular story, can reign over another group following a different story. Friction, over so many generations yields the aforementioned hate. Creating pain and suffering is all that’s left behind. 


I can’t explain the behavior I see today. So many tools for killing, so much hatred being exercised. Some days, it feels like love is a punishment in the face of all the hatred…



2 thoughts on ““Lose/Lose”

    1. …it’s a one time statement, reflecting the heartfelt pain for all those suffering from tragic loss needlessly caused by others actions. I refuse to glamorize a single event, withholding the notoriety expected by perpetrators that accelerates their cause. I sort of statement against violence in general. Thank you for your compassion, and kind words. That’s what will make the change humanity needs to see a better way…😍

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