Hope…it gives our fiction a purpose”

We are a species of hope. Trading stories and gaining trust, we build a dream of a better tomorrow. When that dream is shattered, we allow ourselves to grieve, and construct yet another dream. It’s who we are. Every day gives us reason to pause with great introspection to revise ours with with a better dream of a life, where our hearts grow closer, and somehow absent of hate. Our children, grandchildren, and all the loved ones we connect to require this of us. Internally, we deplore suffering, as compassion reminds us of what it’s like to feel the grip of turmoil within our own hearts and minds. In this scenario, no life is wasted for what it can do to motivate change. Scholars, philosophers, poets, and the likes have pondered  utopian society since the dawn of language. Love is inclusive…hate isolates and excludes. Much of what we see today projects a sense of scarcity, yet love is eternally abundant. It’s that endless abundance, which cultivates the hope of our dreams. The heart speaking so loudly, giving our hope the chance to rise above everything else. Love begins with the “self” and is perpetuated by the “I” as compassion fills the heart, and conquers the mind, reminding us, there is more to life than just simply existing. Love yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors. Hope thrives, when we take the time to fill those relationships…with love😍



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