Today I write…”

It’s exhilarating to be able to share what’s inside me in whatever method suits my fancy on a particular day. Sharing food with highly valued individual’s is huge for me, therefore I can snap some photos from the amazing technology I carry around, that’s called a phone…yet provides so much more beneficial qualities. 

Double spicy roll…”

Allowing others to feel, what we feel inside is what all humans strive to relate to. It offers the inner self (“I”) to be heard in such a profound way, as though social media was more of an inevitability, than a disruptive force.  

“Leftovers…ahi steak, summer squash, biscuit “

We love…because there’s nothing else, that fills us enough to feel complete. Everything else…prevents us from loving whole heartedly. 

“Balance and Diversity…”

How much is the right amount of ass?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m curious of the guardrails concerning the preference of “glutamous maximus” in your situation?
Full disclosure: I appreciate the loving being inside every living person on this planet! That being said, men and women alike, love a “nice ass”…?

How do we define that?


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