…everywhere, is freaks and hairies”

Started a new audiobook today. I probably listen to at least one a month on average. I listen to the works of special humans, who have worked diligently enough to attain an understanding of some specific aspect of the universe at large. I have a deep respect for a researched perspective. It calms my spirit, as if feeding on understanding, while craving more is somehow the key to my peace with the complexity of life. The nature of our beast is to inquire about our existence. Often times, I wonder if we fully appreciate the magnitude of what’s been done before us, and especially what will come to be in the future. Anxiety comes from not knowing, and knowing only comes from experience (our own as well as others) creating a standoff of sorts between anxious and hope. Hope drives us to want more, thus we inquire, while anxious poisons the now with fear and dread. Love seems to sooth the dichotomy of those two polar forces. It’s my belief, humans have socially evolved to a state, where we’re too selective in applying our great emotional mediator toward very specific goals. There’s enough love within us to share it with every deserving soul…



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