From the very dawn of our capacity to communicate with sounds emitted by our vocal chords through our carnivorous mouths, humans have dealt with the reasons for our existence. Coping is a byproduct of consciousness, in that we derive a sense of purpose for the self from the story we conjure for the “why we are here”. You don’t know a single person, who doesn’t apply coping mechanisms for settling their anxious soul about their purpose in life. It should never be lost in what we accomplish, our significance in how everyone is a part of that. 

We have “experts” to determine the capacity, extent, effectiveness, and expense of political campaigns in distorting people’s perceptions. Occasionally, I briefly peruse the network news programming, and this morning was one such occasion. Mark McKinnon was a guest on CBS This Morning, discussing the nuances of the current presidential shit show, as well as the social reverberations from the background pooh. I’ve yet to watch “The Circus” on Showtime, but after hearing the conversation about the content, I’m soon to take a peek.

Blueberry dump cake is in the oven. As soon as it’s done, I’ll add the photo for your inspection. Dump cake was an early dish in my culinarily past. I can remember making it for my grandparents, then having to write down the recipe from then on for every distant relative we encountered. Fresh berries and pineapple baked atop of my pie crust, covered with fucking cake mix and butter…SHUT THE FUCK UP😳

I’m campaigning for everyone to find the inner peace to cope with a world in need of more creative enlightenment…😎



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