Counting…what really matters, but doesn’t get audited”

Ever wonder why certain aspects of life seem to lose their luster over time? The first kiss can never quite be replicated, as well as the first sexual encounter, first time driving a car, flying in an airplane, you get my drift. That’s not because they somehow lose their significance to us as individuals, but rather it’s the brains ability to catalog and recall experiences for the mind. Unfortunately, humans chase these repeat experience like a house cat after a laser pointer, expecting full on gratification, just like the very first time. This apparent addiction of sorts, drives the emotional gears within the mind, while the brain controls the volume knob throughout all the successive encounters. It happens with everything we do, it’s just ignored whenever it pertains to something we’ve neglected to assign high emotional value to. I hate mowing the lawn, yet the first time I was allowed to as a child, I wanted to cut the entire neighborhood. Far too many humans detach from this level of introspection giving way to selective analysis of this phenomenon. We drive mindlessly on autopilot, because that trip to the office gives us little to add to the experience, yet we obsess on a particular relationship, hoping somehow it’s first moment of realization suddenly comes rushing back. Emotions are available to enhance the experience, not to copy/paste it to another time and place. Shouldn’t we periodically run an internal audit of what we wrap all this flailing emotion around? Could be, we’re tying up valuable emotional capital on diminishing utilitarian opportunity…wasting good feelings on stupid shit!


2 thoughts on ““Win/Win”

  1. Emotion…true that is it….we remember certain things when they were paired with strong emotion either positive or negative….even then…we can be so wrong when we place these “memories” in a time line…or when we are asked to provide eyewitness information to law enforcement. The brain is not a good auditor..it is subjective…and that is a good thing…certain things we need to forget. Kids forget things they cannot comprehend and the brain is capable to block out certain experiences despite its emotional factor.
    First kiss…I remember it because it was yukky :)…then again, I might be wrong and it was not my first kiss…
    My sister and I have very different childhood memories…they come from different perspectives and when they are “re written”, this is re-told…we add and subtract….her memories invade mine…old photos intrude too.

    Thanks for writing this….I love Elizabeth Loftus, Cognitive Psychologist and expert on human memory. She did research on the malleability of memory and even received dead threats as a result….(on recovered memories of sexual abuse).

    Take care and please respond…no way I wanted to criticize, I love this topic and love to debate it…

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  2. Elisabeth,

    Thank you for your input, given this falls under your expertise! It amazes me how we humans somehow get disconnected from the functionality of the brain. The capacity of the trillions of neurons responding to the nervous system, while simultaneously imagining the stories running through our minds, and all the while allowing us the emotional fulfillment of being the self we identify with…

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