If you truly want to know what’s going on in the world…go see the world”

The earth is so immense relative to the existence of a single person. Our perspective gets confused from our inability to understand the magnitude of our planets diversity. Our lives consists of the fragments of exposure to what we’re able to come in contact with.  Reading stories, watching videos, talking to other people gives us an idea of what exists, but nothing replaces the actual experience of traveling and discovering for yourself. Unfortunately, that only allows for a small percentage of the population to engage in this adventurous lifestyle. 

I’m blessed, in that I do get to travel the world. That’s not something I view as entitlement by any means. I cherish the fact I’m lucky enough to have that opportunity, and am so appreciative of it. We’re headed to Scotland at the end of the month. There’s historic as well as cultural relevance in that area, I’m excited to discover. While a significant portion of my genealogical heritage is Irish, the Celtic culture engulfed a large geographical area, stretching from modern France and Spain all the way north to the edges of the Viking empires. Enhancing my understanding of how mankind progressed to modernity is always a driving interest in my travels. 

There will be much to write about along with the hundreds of photo’s. 



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