“In God We Trust…”

Rule of law has been credited with much of the social advancements of our species, yet today we can’t help but question the need to move even beyond its initial benefits. Democracy, in theory, allows the populous to conform the embodying government (purveyors of said rules) to make the necessary adjustments to those rules. No government of free people, supporting democratic philosophies to support the rule of law can possibly be more than the basis for its existence. It’s the citizens of this endeavor, who must show the respect for their fellow participants in demanding accountability of all citizens. We only cheapen the integrity of the entire social structure, whenever we make excuses for not upholding this standard. The color of a humans skin is not a distinguishing feature of this accountability paradigm, but rather a poor excuse for not upholding responsibility for all citizens. Poverty in the United States is not a byproduct of skin color, but rather a lacking of resources applied to children at a very specific age group. Mental illness and select brain disorders and conditions contribute only to a fractional extent for the inability for early childhood development, and can only be identified as an outlier in the bigger picture. We Americans are not doing our best to raise the children of this nation to break free from this vicious cycle of violence. These current circumstances don’t exist because of poorly enforced bad laws, we struggle due to an overall lack of understanding of a better way. 


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