“…my mind keeps aching, and Lord it won’t stop”

~Stevie Ray Vaughn~

I cast my blame, but I wind up feeling bad for doing so?

The first reaction to shocking information is some form of shock! That’s the most natural response to any event capable of shaking us to the core. The next response is anger. I won’t bore you with the phases of grief, so let’s push onto the concept of “core value” for the moment. 

Core value is what we melt down to, when we’re blasted with the shrapnel of life. I can only suggest this because I’ve lived it. 

I left the hospital after Kathy died, with the realization, I MUST go straight to her parents house to inform them their mother/daughter had died. 

She didn’t make it out of recovery…”

That’s what they told me. How would you transform that for an eleven year old, then a couple of seventy year olds, then the next day share with your children (who we only got custody the Feb before that sad Apr day) that the only positive female role model in their lives was gone…

fast forward fifteen years

I could have never imagined being where I am today. My life is filled with satisfaction for knowing the people I’ve been so fortunate to have rubbed pathes with. I can say without any hesitation, I have benefited from every life I’ve crossed. The negative add perspective for making forward thinking assumptions, and the positive blow wind into the sails of hope. 

“Love creates more anxiety than anything else we ever deal with…”

Love is an exercise in durability! It’s a full on fucking Navy Seal training course! (Excessive comparison)  If you’ve ever said “I Do” you appreciate my drift? The disconnect is we perceive it as 


The connection we call “Love” is fluid. It ebbs and flows across a multitude of interpersonal circumstances, rolling with this tide of intemmidatuon. We fear disconnect, while we crave the connection itself. All the while, we neglect to recognize, there’s no limit to our capacity to love. There’s not a “Love” meter within us. Our capacity to share the heart we identify within us, far exceeds our capacity to regulate it. 

I’m married to an amazingly normal woman. I have been involved in the lives of some incredible children, not the least are my two. I’ve dealt with most of what life has to offer…and I feel 



BTW: my tags are addressed to popularity rather than content…


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