Bits and pieces…”

Everyday, I place some measure of effort into my growth as a person. It’s not always a full out study of something profound, but at the very least has some enlightening aspect giving me a broader perspective to work from. I crave understanding like a fat kid pondering his next doughnut. There’s a couple of dynamics at work with gained perspective, you can apply that forward for future benefits, or you can twist it around into guilted shame for not previously identifying such. Either way, it’s a decision of choices. There’s another aspect to understanding, it can be very temporal in nature.

What we come to know as “belief” can without notice, transform into fiction. The problem herein lies, humans are by nature “lazy deliberator’s” which pushes our consciousness more toward “belief”  reliance. Thinking things through expends a tremendous amount of energy, causing levels of discomfort consistent with strenuous physical activity. We all know how the majority of humans feel about that? (for the first time in history, it’s estimated there are more obese humans than malnourished) This puts some light on many social circumstances across the planet. The United States political degradation from Regan vs. Carter (two distinguished statesmen) to the idea by default of electing Trump or Hilary. This wasn’t brought about by rational deliberate decisions from the electorate, but rathe distilled down over many decades of ideology…“beliefs”!

“Monotheism” wasn’t contrived as a method for generating hate and discontent, but rather a method of herding its various followers away from such behavior. Once again, blind faith (“belief”) yields to that nasty term “Ideology” and people are killed, tortured, and oppressed in the name of God for a human cause. Given what we know about the human mind, and its decision making capacity (…and subsequent laziness in doing so) is it a wonder we live in the state we see on the news each and every day?

“Nationalism” and “Religious Faith”  are the two supreme motivators for all the developed people of the earth. The underdeveloped cultures shift their focus to “Tribal” and “Territorial”  desires, but all humans not relying on the rational capacity of the deliberatory systems of their minds, are in some fashion yielding to the non-deliberative system of intuitive existence. 

How can we broaden this understanding? Daniel Kahneman suggests the problem isn’t with the validity of the research, but rather our individual acceptance of how it applies to each of us as individuals…



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