…the pile”

If you like an old vine zin

This space in the “Interweb” was started to catch the spillover of my daily thoughts. Beyond all the conversations I carry on in the average day, there are beneficial thoughts, that never catch a breath. Things I would rather document and preserve for future inspection, so their true validity can be properly inspected. I see my life as a leg in a giant relay, where my sole job is to carry the baton of understanding, that I’ve worked to accumulate, forward to a better understanding of the universe at large. The expansion of understanding has exploded within my lifetime. Space travel to nanotechnology have evolved right in front of my life. I fully understand the possibilities that exist, if I can only live to see them. We are only cut short by time. 86,400 seconds per day is the allotment all life on earth is afforded. It wouldn’t be relevant in any other co-ordinance within the universe, but everyone reading this can attest.  

Newton, Co. Nachos

“Now, where was I…?”

What’s the capacity of humanity? 

Well, doesn’t that depend upon the quality of life you assign to the people it consists of? 

Let’s think about today, where .1% controls 87% of the net worth on the planet. What’s the effect of that figure dropping by 25% to 62.25% of that net worth? That shifts $88 trillion to people, who will add it back into the global economy. That would only represent 5.4% annualized increase for the global economy for a seven year period. WTF, is wrong with that approach? 

That world looks completely different than the one we see currently. $88 trillion of additional stress upon an ecosystem, long ago breached for sustainable pillaging of its resources. We have to adapt better to living much differently. The earth won’t tolerate it. 

Yeah…I saw that shit

There’s so much more to do…



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