1.the greater number.

“in the majority of cases all will go smoothly”

synonyms: larger part/number, greater part/number, best/better part, most, more than half; plurality, bulk, mass, weight, (main) body, preponderance, predominance, generality, lion’s share”the majority of cases”

What does this word look like, in terms of humans living on this planet, nestled precisely the perfect distance from the sun? Statistically speaking, it’s the number 3,719,209,901 (give or take a few people) being just more than half of all people. Are all these people united by something shared, beyond their species? I would suggest, that a number even larger than this are bound by a similarity much larger than simply species. In spite of what we read, hear, and see as “news” the vast majority of our species care deeply for the rest of the population of Homo sapiens living on this rotating piece of special matter called earth. We see everyone else as another version of how we feel deep inside about our very own existence. 




1.the smaller number or part, especially a number that is less than half the whole number.

“harsher measures for the minority of really serious offenders”

What does this word represent in the context of how we looked at “majority”? Take away a couple of people from the previous number, and statistically you get around 3,719,209,899. Let’s take that number down much smaller, and discuss what happens in that group of characters. Studies speculate within a range of 1% – 4% of all humans lack the innate base level compassion for other humans, and thus are considered “sociopaths” by definition. 

The Sociopath Next Door

Book by Martha Stout

And somehow, their behavior is cited time and again by the media as news, so that the majority will captively wade through the advertising, that supports the very existence of media organizations. 

I’m not suggesting the majority ignore the disturbance of a small percentage of everyone, especially given the extreme actions of modern hatred, but compassion for all humans is actually winning outside of what you read, hear, and see as “news”. Otherwise, chaos would replace our need to sift through the marketing ploys of the media to churn our fears into profits?



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