…The Glenlivet”

My taste for Scotch Whisky began at an early age. I had no idea of what this carefully crafted, distilled aged spirit represented, yet it’s distinct flavor touched something within me. This adventure to Scotland has brought me to a true understanding of all I’ve felt, but didn’t understand about my affinity. I truly believe that much of our preferences in life come to us from experiences, but a part of who we are as sentient beings travels through our blood, carried by the genes of our forefathers and mothers. For me personally, that includes the “Celtic” heritage from both sides of my family. 

We drove up to the outskirts of Dufftown and the sign read: 

The Glenlivet 8 mi

First, you must know that Dufftown is the heart of Scotch Whisky country in Norteast Scotland. There are 7 distilleries in this community of 1,667, and if you are a Scotch Whisky efficianado, this place is your Mecca. My mind stopped thinking about all the cool stuff to do and see there, as soon as my eyes read “The Glenlivet”! We paused at “The Coffee Pot” for tea and a sandwich, while Pat greeted her patrons by their first names, and already knew what they were ordering. This was a community of family, and seeing it from an outside view, it shines as bright as the sun across the Scottish countryside. It helped me to define the “care” I mentioned earlier in describing my appreciation for the whisky. There’s pride about everything they do, both in themselves, more importantly…for each other.

Each and every sip of the whisky now profoundly registers this meaningful understanding of the love placed into each drop of the spirit from which the whisky resides. I feel this bond from the opening of the box, to the uncorking of the bottle, through nosing into the glass, and especially as it’s reverence swirls around my mouth. 

“I get it…”



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