Words:                       “

We all fill the spaces between our thoughts with some sort of communication effort, mainly words. No matter the language, culture, or outlook, words form in our minds to occupy our consciousness. As you read this (suggesting you’re actually absorbing the text) you confer between your “I” & “Self” in the language you’re most comfortable with. Documenting these inner conversations is the magic of writing. Having others identify with these transcripts of thoughts and idea’s is being an “Author” in the practicle sense. Having your manuscript copied to share with the world at large is being “Published”. 

The paragraph above conveys a simplistic perspective of the process of writing for monetary compensation. I write here to fully deliberate the thoughts between my “I” and “Self” for personal clarity, and the occasional passer by reader. If I were to engage in the subjects of pop culture or erotica, I’m sure many more individuals would pause for a visit. I’m not seeking notoriety from this, only personal clarity for the stuff swirling around inside of my reality. 

Loads of conversations surrounding the trip to Scotland. People love hearing about adventure that lies just beyond their reach. The most common excuse is their fear from perceived instability outside the U.S. I laugh, as the list of nations expressing concern over those same things here, continues to expand. Poverty and despair exude a sense of fear to most people living outside their clutches though, no matter of the geographic location. Ignorance to this realization is scary to me, not the perception of unrest among impoverished societies. 

My words for the moment have been documented, so it’s back to the focus of helping others….



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