Pride & Selfpredjudice…”

Perspective is realitive to circumstances. Pride knows no circumstances. Hope and self control are the responsibility of the individual. Compassion is for everyone suffering to align their perspective, pride, and self governance. Most all of us fall into the final statement. 

Warriors fight against their anger to express their rage with the status quo…”

I wonder what the mechanism is within each and every human mind, that captures our sense of pride? Noble purpose is the single greatest motivator within human societies. Greed is limited in capacity by the balances of greedy powers. Not in its influences, but rather in the numbers of humans capable of exhibiting greed motivated behavior at any given time. Pride in yourself is essential to growth and emotional prosperity. 

Selfpredjudice is a circuit breaker of sorts to greed and overindulgence. Hope is fulfilled as it becomes reality, yet there’s no set boundaries to such wonderment. Self control is the reins to such ambitious pondering. Just as with pride, there exists a mechanism within the human spirit to activate these bumpers for experiencing life without exceeding the limits for appropriateness. 

“Compassion ties all of these characteristics neatly together…

We all seek comfort from life’s storms. Such seclusion is necessary at times, yet unfulfilling when carried to extremes. The key is being accountable while not being restrictive in matters of the self. Taking pride in who you are, while being responsible for your behavior. Start and end this discussion within your own reality…it’s the one you have the most influence over!



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