The story of love…”

I know what love feels like for me. I can only assume that others feel it somewhat like myself. It’s not a new concept, and probably is the single most emotionally motivative experience humans realize. They’re layers upon layers of love…in my opinion. I base that on fairly basic assessment of people, both within my family experiences, and the non-genetically attached as well. I don’t always understand what constitutes love within all others I encounter. That’s an extremely subjective experience, thus a single definition is futile.Love rolls across the spirit like a Gail force wind across the coast. There’s no unit of measure for its effects. It’s truly the very basis for modern humanity. Profoundly touching every soul on earth. 

Now wait a fucking minute…


Your heart drives your mind in such a way, cognition is blurred by a comfort like nothing else we ever know. Once tasted, we struggle in the absence of its glow, and relish the relief of its acceptance. Every aspect of our being is entangled within this spell of heartfelt connection. We matter to others just as we matter to ourselves. 

Romance is the layer of love most attributed to fulfillment and heartache. It spins our mind into a one track machine of desire and passion, yielding a subconscious state of being, where nothing can overcome the lust we soak in. 

Love becomes the standard for measuring everything else in life against. If it doesn’t grab us like love does, we don’t focus much attention toward it. 

“…whoa, what about everything else?”

Shouldn’t Love be broad and all encompassing to touch every single aspect of our individual realities? A Disposition of sorts, that leads every thought, action, reaction, and emotion! Base rate for the conscious reality that represents You…

“…Love yourself, and everyone else you’re capable of as well. Love your children, they deserve to be rewarded for enduring a birth they didn’t ask for. Love your parents, they may fuck things up, but not with a detailed plan, just by accident or stupidity. Love your mate, you need a close friend to endure the struggles of managing all that other love”


6 thoughts on ““Win/Lose”

  1. I think love changes all the time.
    Sometimes it’s physical, sometimes intellectual, sometimes about humour, sometimes about hate, it’s there, it goes, it’s an emotion, a hunger, sometimes darkness, sometimes it’s been there all along and you didn’t know…

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