Evolving…change happening in front of us”

We want to linger in the moments of life, as though savoring a collection of seconds, minutes, hours, or days will provide the nourishment our souls crave from our existence. The future transforms into the present and onto the past with each and every measured interval of time. This process is simply life evolving right in front of us. Dreams evolve to Experiences and then into Memories. All that remains from this is our Imagination. 

“Although…our accuracy in which we forecast or recall everything outside of the present is marginal at best”

Time continually grinds along, gobbling up every future second, pushing it into the past as spent tomorrow’s. 

“Change somehow creeps up on us, yet we know it’s there all the while…”

“Maybe it’s the attention to the now…that fishing gives me”

Remember that feeling…it’s what lasts”

“Your heart beats to your rhythm…never lose touch with the magic of that story”


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