Tuesday’s with…”

My life is a far sight from chaos, yet equally as distant from well organized. Like most everyone else I know, the mood of the day drives my effort toward the discipline of structure, until my thoughts drift away into a level of care free. This state of flux is normal for many in developed societies around the world. Sometimes though, it strikes me as such a waste, given the fact there are literally billions of humans, who would go to great extremes to trade with this perception of reality. So, maybe I can help others find a better way? I want everyone to enjoy a life that’s not filled with hardship and oppression, not just handouts for being disadvantaged. All that being said, I’ll dedicate something every Tuesday here for that purpose.

” To be good is noble, but to teach others how to be good is nobler–and less trouble.”

~Mark Twain~

– Doctor Van Dyke speech, 1906

The fine line between Influence and  Inspiration is compensation. People seldom take the time and effort to influence another person without the presence of personal gain. Inspiration takes place without the predetermined benefits, and without the need to announce its arrival. My hope is to help others gain access to insight without recognition of my input. This isn’t about me, it’s about helping others through dignity and respect, and compassion.

“When the heart has something to say the product is literature, no matter whether the phrasing loyally follows accepted literary forms or splendidly ignores them, as the freshet ignores the dam…”

~Mark Twain~

I hope anyone reading these passages of hope and compassion each week, will find something to share with their circle of friends and family. Maybe even add your thoughts to this to build something bigger than the individuals themself. Life is a precious journey, guided by love and hope. Why can’t everyone have just that…?


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