“Fuck You/Fuck You”

There are three stages of marital bliss:

1) House Sex; Discovering every surface possible to copulate on, couch, floor, table, counter, washer, dryer, bathroom…etc! 

2) Bedroom Sex; The addition of kids, jobs, friends, age send every encounter into the bedroom, where rolling over and snoring replaces recovering for the next round.

3) Hallway Sex; The point where you pass each other in the hall and mumble “Fuck you…Fuck you”

This analogy epitomizes the political situation in the United States. Everyone hates the idea of either of theses two idiots being in the White House. I had to venture amongst the crowds today, and what I discovered was these are the only two shitbags that can possibly motivate this heard of citizens registered to vote. A couple of 70 something ladies were in the tire store with a flat, that couldn’t be fixed, so they had them put the spare on only to discover it had a giant unfixible leak as well. The owner said; “I can’t afford a new tire” to which the attendant offered a used option, which she deliberated for ten minutes before deciding to take it. I asked her how she planned on driving the car without a tire? Her reply; “I just don’t know what to do”

These are the people in charge of electing the next president of the United States! Young people, like my children have just said…


The balance of this election lies in the hands of Baby Boomers, who can’t decide on how to manage their own fucking existence responsibilly!



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