The world is much clearer for me now, than when I was a forty-something. I think that comes from a better ability to assess things that occur, while maintaining my behavior resulting from my emotions. So far, I’ve been leaning toward that correlation, for what I’ll call, maturity. Aging, while growing is what I’m referring to in all of this jumble of sentax and punctuation. The world looks different from every perspective, and perspectives shift with the angle of your engagement as time carries us along. It feels normal to align this as my current perspective for my life. It’s the story playing through my reality as self-consciousness speaks to me. The resonance and connection within the universe from our presence is how we soothe these effects. 

Whenever dispositions congregate along an ideological bias, they form social influence. This is true across a plethora of influences chasing an equal abundance of interests and beliefs. The two I choose to isolate in this writing, are liberalism and conservatism. They represent the jagged edge of conflict between ideologies. Let’s examine their influence in social behavior and future outcomes. I spent the weekend with my children and their friends. They range in age from twenty four to thirty. Nearly all of them, were either college educated, or professionally trained in a way supporting their intellectual abilities. Their individual interpretation of how our society functions was interesting to me. Quick to use the wealth/income disparities as fuel to support more flow from the top of the socioeconomic tower, to the disadvantaged bottom support columns. “Poor children don’t have the same opportunities afforded their wealthier counterparts” Conversely, I regularly spend most of my working days, engaging the more conservative edge of the tear. They unequivocally demand accountability of the poor in their behavior, as well as their ability to tolerate their place in the economic food chain. “They just need to step up and work harder and stop having children they can’t support” 

Neither side of this equation are totally anything, especially when it comes to the judgement of right and wrong. Their dichotomy of perspective for our social structure is the dividing line, yet their concern over the negative effects the opposition supports binds them in a weird fashion. Both sides recognize the passion for the convictions held high by the cause. It’s simply they are blind to the unity for the outcome. Everyone with abundance should freely offer some of their excess to another having a shortage. No one struggling to attain abundance should ever expect the offer from those having abundance. Stirring this delicate mixture takes a muted sense of personal ideology, which leaves you out of the connection, all humans inherently crave. 

Centering an ideological conflict, its like organizing chaos. So many individual realities whip up a tornadic swirl of emotional friction. This is similar to static electricity in the sense it seemingly appears out of thin air, until it shocks the hell out of an unsuspecting recipient. That’s why focusing on properly preparing the children for a more centered reality, is vital to creating a better path for all societies.


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