“waiting on a Sunday afternoon

for what I read between the lines…

…your lies”

Every time I see the faces of these people in the media, who are trying to influence the voters of this nation, I hear this lyric in my head. Scott Weiland wrote them about his relationship with the members of his band “Stone Temple Pilots” and his struggles with heroin addiction. It’s as if the candidates are the drug, and the public is addicted to their effects. If you stopped to measure the relative relationships with others, that should be held in high standards, and identified a similar level of deception, they would no longer be involved in your life. Why do we allow the political world to lie to our faces, and piss down our backs and tell us it’s raining? The ideology (political party) they support matters not, both sides lie equally to their respective followings. The degree of the deception shouldn’t be a measuring stick to justify allegiance either, given the propensity to distort the truth for personal gain isn’t measured on the Capitol steps, only the ability to talk shit about the problems associated with whatever party is the given adversary. Sheep eagerly engage in watching the news, then turning to their fellow sheep to confirm their inability to separate from this heard of ignorance…

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