“Tuesday’s With…”

Very few people bother to read this piece I scratch together each Tuesday. It serves more as a conduit to my expression of my mind, reflections of what appears to be present. 




the action of declaring something to be untrue.

“she shook her head in denial”

synonyms: contradiction, refutation, rebuttal, repudiation, disclaimer; More

the refusal of something requested or desired.

“the denial of insurance to people with certain medical conditions”

synonyms: refusal, withholding; More

a statement that something is not true.

plural noun: denials

“official denials”

synonyms: contradiction, refutation, rebuttal, repudiation, disclaimer;

This is where humans are equals. Honesty is the absolute best option, but everyone fails to uphold that truth at all times. Usually, it’s about benign thoughts and behaviors, but the reality is we all make these types of excuses to ourselves on a regular basis. It’s how we justify our shortcomings for what we know to be complacency. We do our best when it’s convenient for the most part, then coast whenever we get the chance. Cognitive deliberation is physically taxing, and we are a species prone to intellectual laziness at times. Finding the similarities within the vast differences across the spectrum of cultures humans live in is good thing. Elevating the We above the I should be the goal of more people in the world today, replacing this perceived scarcity of possibilities. The system allows for more success than is currently present, it just needs to be better understood. 

“Red sky at night…

…Sailors delight”

Letting ourselves touch the corners of the imagination for ways to be a better society of homosapiens allowing for more shared prosperity. Re-allocation of the abundance available today, denying the very essence of what the ego stands for. Anxiety cripples the brains ability to deliberate at a full on rational perspective. Fear, along with anxiety are emotional components to our behaviors, sometimes having a prohibitive effect on logical thinking. It’s perfectly normal to feel afraid, just don’t allow that to become a part of how you identify yourself? 

“Love yourself…

…so, you know what it feels like”

There’s a very fine line between humility and arrogance, and it’s easy to steer too far in either direction. It’s long been my belief, that keeping yourself at a higher level, conveys to the level of engagement with everyone else. Not taking others for granted as a rule helps with keeping all this Me in check within that balance of ego and altruism. Reminding yourself of what it’s like to be you…

#dreaming out loud

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