“Las Colinas…”

The walk to dinner took us across the tracks from the hotel. 

“Spider Roll/Spicy Tuna Roll”

“Volcano Roll…California Roll smothered in a crawfish sauce”

“Udon noodles with calimari…”

Dinner was pretty amazing. While there are plenty of quality places to dine, where we live, the freshness of something new excites the spirit. New experiences lift our consciousness to higher levels, displacing the complacency of everyday life…


“Sea Bass enchiladas…smothered in Lobster cream sauce”


Culture rises to the forefront, whenever we immerse ourselves in the dining experience. Humans have evolved to Love us some eating! Perhaps it’s from the fact that the entire process of cooking food has separated our species from all others on the planet. Consumption of high caloric meals allowed the development of the human brain, which ultimately developed the path to modernity…



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