Dear Mr. Bashar Assad,

You stupid fucktard, there’s no feasible path to rebuilding your country without extensive financial support from other nations. Such a plan would only present increased opportunities for antigovernment influences to support further resistance and disruption. I guess any reasonable person would want to know, how destroying the country both socially, and physically is in the best interest of anyone?


Dear Mr. Dickhead Putin,

Just a quick thought, you might consider all your efforts to help your fuck buddy Assad continue his abolishment of humanity within the country he lives, as a continued failure to represent progress or success. That being said, what types of beastiality do you and Bashar participate in during your sexual encounters?


To Anyone Who Believes in the Fairy Tails,

The only way we as citizens can bring about change from the broken systems that are crippling our social success, is to make the shift away from the iron fisted controls of a two party system! There will NEVER be any progress without this measure of change…


The Boston Cream Honey Bun…just might be the best thing I’ve ever eatenšŸ˜


3 thoughts on “Won/Lost”

  1. The disregard for human life is beyond depraved. And yet, world leaders tend to be protected from prosecution, which is why these atrocities will continue. I read that Assad’s wife and children was offered a life of luxury to leave the country. I am not sure why that makes sense. Marry a dictator and win a free pension. Many people are divided as to her culpability in the situation.

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  2. Thanks Plectrumm,

    You state it as it is. It made me chuckle.

    No need to ask you what you think of “the Donald” Drumph who wants to be friends with Putin to fight ISIS…..

    …and I love your taste…good wines…good food, greatly presented.

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