I seldom just come here to write anymore. I suppose it draws less attention, and that being seen adds a certain flare to the whole blogging experience. So, today I simply write without visual aids from the places I go, or the food I consume. I spent several hours alone driving today, which opens up the mind for deliberation as the traffic was light, and I was on the interstate. I’m at a stage in my life where I can truly relax from the worries that humans derive from scarcity and the anxiety that’s associated with this emotional situation. I attended an orientation session yesterday for an early childhood development program that I’m volunteering for. The concept of scarcity is a crucial development in a child’s gaining understanding of properly socializing and learning delayed gratification. From a very early age, humans are taught to manage their wants by identifying choices. We’re taught that we simply can’t have everything and our choices of what we don’t get are important. For material possessions that is appropriate, but what about things like feelings? How do we apply this basic fundamental learning skill to compassion and even love? Is it a wonder so many humans endlessly search for happiness, as though it were a finite resource. Our species is so advanced, yet still remain so far away from reaching this basic acceptance of the thing that calls to us as though we were lost in the night. The heart grips the mind with a yearning for safety and comfort to just be what it is we feel ourselves to be, without hiding behind a vale of pretentious disguise. All too often we stuff that back inside until burst at the seams with behavior that would never cross our minds had we just knew this happiness we desperately pursue. Only when we realize within ourselves that there’s abundance of love and joy within the lives of everyone willing to lay down the anxiety of wanting everything, but getting nothing instead…

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