Digital reflections…

…there are chains upon his hands

and he’s been riding along his dream

oh lord, we’ve been riding “

So many moments pass by, without a notice

“Pieces of yesterday…

…born again”

I don’t recall a similar time, where anxiety over the future brought so many people to this level of dismay. I’ve never lived under the terror of warfare being waged upon my homelands, nor has any other citizen of this nation. The attacks that have occurred to this nation, were not followed by a subsequent invasion of any sorts. The turmoil of the present is merely social in nature. How odd for such a confrontation to occur over such simple issues, without so much as a battle fought. 

“The responsibility of all citizens of a democracy is to obey the call to serve your country, whenever needed, serve as juror, whenever necessary, and got to the polls and FUCKING VOTE!!!!!!!”

231.5 M eligible voters

128.5 M voted

46.9% didn’t vote



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