Dinner with friends…

…wings, pork shanks, wedge of salad”

Friday nights are for rejoicing the weeks wind down. Having a super day should be topped off with a social reward, so meeting one of our couple friends for local brews and eats made all the sense in the world😎

“Down at the Sunset Grill…

“Let’s go down to the Sunset Grill

We can watch the working girls go by

Watch the basket people walk around and mumble

And stare out at the auburn sky

There’s an old man there from the old world

To him, it’s all the same

Knows all his customers by name

~Don Henley~

“Beer me…

…and a handmade pitcher of wine with matching cup”

People don’t regret what they did as much as what they didn’t do, and wished they would have. Spending time with the people, who’s light shines to you makes life while…

“Election night survival kit…”

SoundBreaking is an amazing series on PBS about the revolutionary aspects of the recording studios on the art of music. Transforming a form of entertainment into an industry. Music is a cultural binding agent, bringing the hearts of the masses to a common spiritual place.


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