“Being Me:”

You have to have a story, and it has to be your story or people will not believe you, whenever you use someone else’s version…”

This was the commentary a dear friend of mine used at a business meeting in the spring of 2008. It resonates within the “I” in my reality to the extent, I left that meeting in search of my story. This story isn’t like most stories we build for whatever useful purpose we intend with them, but rather an ever evolving narrative we constantly update. Not a single day goes by, that I don’t examine my experiences to add to this story. From conversations with others to extensive personal research, to relentlessly absorbing the research of others, the story is built. I use this story to gain the trust of others, and re-enforce the business as well as personal relationships I maintain. You see, as it turns out humans are naturally lazy deliberators.

Thinking Fast & Slow

Since that inspirational moment nearly nine years past, my story has developed and evolved to accept so much more about myself and humanity. I’ve also come to allow myself to live within each and every moment for its true vale and capacity without the restraints of frustration, anger, and fear. My very first post here sort of addressed the acknowledgment of the great thinkers I’ve discovered along the way. It’s only a fraction now of the things I’ve discovered within myself and our species. I’m not here to light a fire of controversy with humanity, given my realization of where the overwhelming majority fall into this situation. But, if you begin to accept being “ANYONE” is a powerfully lonely experience, then you start to realize how closely related we all are…

“We have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and God like technologies…”

~E.O. Wilson~


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