Everyone cries out to be heard for who they are inside their individual reality. It speaks to the inherent social nature of our species. A life unnoticed is dull, when compared to the life published for all the world to see. I often find myself bantering with folks across a message board for my favorite collegient team, and without fail, every time I come away more curious to the human condition. Humans inexplicably need to belong to a group of something, plain and simple. Our social calling ranks up there with our drives to procreate and eat. Taking sides, where competitive opportunities surface, is as natural as hitting the fridge, when your tummy growls. I see a huge role for the idea of being right in this social embracing we pursue, as comparisons to others is the game we play to overcome the idea of inadequacy within ourselves. Just look at how many gazillions of people have died over the course of time from differences in the concept of religion. Hell, how many Christians have murdered fellow Christians for being the wrong kind of Christian, or Muslim, or Jew. The point is once we identify with whatever thing that makes us feel as though we are part of something bigger than our own life, we will argue and defend it (sometimes to the death) without consideration of other perspectives. We defer to making excuses to satisfy our desire to belong, and objectivity is set aside for subjectivity. 

“You didn’t think I would post without food pics…

did you?”

The fact of the matter is this, we all need each other. If we could just give up the notion that being right trumps the idea of being happy. Stubborn to prove a point or in hopes of wearing down the support of a perceived adversary is what young children do in hopes of winning their battles. This behavior crosses all cultural, political, racial, religious, and social ideologies like a blanket of humanism. Today, listen to the words of whatever voices touch your ears, and instead of building your response from what allows you to feel included, stop and imagine all the possibilities and how everyone is affected, without assigning right or wrong? See if you can deliberate without reaching for an emotional response to make you feel as though you belong. Oh…by the way, we’re all Homo sapiens, and there are over seven billion of us to belong to!

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