Holiday #1 is in the books, now Christmas is on the proverbial horizon, as I just realized November is a couple of days from coming to an end. I’ve often pondered, why are designated days for gathering and rejoicing, so starkly different from everyday? Is there some limit imposed on joy and love, or is it a biological thing, where humans can only tolerate a finite amount? I gain great pleasure from this season because of the togetherness and connectivity that comes as a result of their celebrated existence. I really do make an effort to live the entire year like it’s Christmas in the respect of spending as much of my time with those I feel most connected to, along with doing the kinds of activities which only add to, not subtract from the purpose of being together. Living a full life seems to be my thing.

“Light and shapes form images in our minds that stir the emotions…”

Giving thanks for the grace bestowed upon my life. I’ve never been to a point in my life, where I didn’t believe, that I couldn’t change things, and my decision making was the cause for more bad occurrences. Not identifying as a victim in your own reality is critical to your sense of wellbeing. Luck, has no reversion to a mean, implying, bad luck isn’t obligated to switching into good luck, and vice versa. Good and bad things happen to all people in a very random order. The universe is like that as well, in that the current state is what occurred out of an infinitesimal number of possibilities. I know, religions want to wrap this in a feel good story that supports its agenda, but what we believe today in the scientific community tells us otherwise. There is a much bigger story to our existence, and only through more experiential analysis will humans gain an even greater understanding of this, not a digression to an ancient philosophical myth. For me, that suggests gaining the most from the moments of consciousness, while I’m still upright😎

“There’s something to see…

…everywhere you look”


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