“Today I write…”

There are many forms of self expression, and the form for this piece is written. Language is the development for sharing human intention between two or more of our species. It’s evolution transitioned from audible to written over a lengthy period of time. The Sumerian’s are credited with the first known efforts of a uniform effort to capture this form of expression. The thing about Homo sapiens,  is we are uniquely separated from all other mammalian species with our ability to teach others of our species what we know. The art of communication has spread like wildfire across our species since those first Sumerian tablets, and continues even today in its expansion. I guess my biggest question lies in the diversity of how language has transformed into all of its cultural variations. This detail indicates a type of uniform awakening to the concept of language, sparked by social evolution. 

Are we inherently driven to grow and expand human consciousness…?”

If human consciousness is collective, and the experiences we encounter are building blocks for a better understanding for future generations, why are we so enamoured with the emotional effects of our past? 

Super Brain was the beginning of my quest into the human condition. I listened to this book twice because of what it awakened within my own conscious awareness. It connected me back to an entry level psychology class I had way back in college. The teacher told us the first day of class:

 “If you don’t lean anything else from this course, I hope you will come away with the understanding, that No One can make you think or feel Anything, that you don’t allow them to. You are in control of your thoughts and emotions”! 

After my Super Brain experience, I set forth on a quest for understanding of this experience we call life. I no longer would accept my reality of being trapped within the emotional turmoil the majority of our species exists in. Enlightenment is achieved only when we master our reality. That psychology teacher planted the seed, and there was a wealth of information available to me from all the brilliant people out there trailblazing before me. Today, I’ve come to accept this as a life long journey. Everyday we are offered the opportunity to add to this journey, or ignore and avoid its existence. 

“What the fuck are you trying to say with all this?”

The tragedies of humanity are built around the minor variations within our species, and are exasperated through anxieties and the lack of understanding. Ideology  is the weapon of choice over the millennials of this existence, taking advantage of an inherent need to belong, marketing to a sense of personal isolation within our species. Humans are far more capable of being much more emotionally connected, if we would simply collectively rise above this petty perspective. 

“What if compassion was permeated the way language and ego fulfilled violence were…?”

Win/Win is about everybody meaning something to this human experience…


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