In 1934, we had a breakthrough of sorts in creating a piece of legislation to put an end to lynching in this country. 

“Costigan-Wagner Bill”

Colorado Democratic Senator Edward P. Costigan and New York Democratic Senator Robert F. Wagner sponsored a federal anti-lynching law in 1934. In 1935 Senate leaders tried to persuade President Franklin D. Roosevelt to support the Costigan-Wagner Bill. Roosevelt was concerned about a provision of the bill that called for the punishment of sheriffs who failed to protect their prisoners from lynch mobs. He believed that he would lose the support of the white voters in the South by approving this, and lose the 1936 presidential election…

Less than one hundred years ago, lynching was somehow justifiable in the “The Most Free Society” in the modern world. I’m assuming it was simply ignored by the judicial system, or possibly just overlooked by the media? 

This modernity we speak of in today’s conversations, it’s not too far removed from aspects we deem deplorable by prevailing sensibilities. 

Mt. Tambora once crippled the entire planet with its massive 1815 eruption. 

The Carrington Event today would cripple the technology we all know and depend on.

“Life is fragile…we don’t have 2,000 more years to piss away before we figure this shit out! NO MORE HATE…”



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