“Tuesday’s With”

The same age as my tongue, and a bit older than my teeth…”

Miracle on 34th Street is a Christmas Classic. In May of 1947, the entire world was still struggling from WWII and the atrocities of its impact. Tens of millions of people dying around the world at the fate of misguided ideology. No one today lives unaffected from this massive demonstration of human ego run astray. Those responsible for this legacy of human tragedy from both instigating to finalizing it are long dead and gone. 60 Million humans were the consequence of this massive struggle to dominate the population of the planet. That represented 3% of the total human existence of that time. Imagine 220 million people perishing today, and what that media headline would look like. Then imagine a movie of hope springing up from such horrific surroundings to instill the concept of peace. 

Many humans still suffer from many forms of human injustice around the world. Did we not learn anything from what humanity experienced in this “War to end all wars”
#Tuesday’s With

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