“Tuesday’s With”

Where’s the outrage…?

Acen King was killed in an incident within a city haunted by this very type of violent behavior. The toddlers death marks the second over the past four weeks in the capitol city, the same municipality that HBO did two documentaries on the gang violence from the 1990’s. (Gang War: Bangin in Little RockBack in the Hood: Gang Wars 2

Can we safely suggest, there’s an issue in Pulaski, Co. Arkansas? No one is taking to the streets in protest of this occurrence of unjustified violence. I’m certainly not speaking up for law enforcement in all this, there is ample corruption of justice there. I’m questioning how the court of public opinion selectively chooses its battles for the outcry over injustice? Maybe justice requires popularity to be properly protested. 

I’ve lived in Little Rock…twice, and it’s a violent place. For nearly fifty years now, my assessment of that region remains pretty much the same…Dangerous! 

I see the multitude of things written on this site, and others of similar nature (social media) about the tragedy of human heartache, from broken hearts. Romantic Love is an integral component of the human condition. We obsess over this thing we call Love. Anyone, who’s ever given their heart to another, gets it broken in one form or another. Even if you meet the person of your dreams on your first encounter, and marry them living out your life in total bliss, one of you dies first…crushing the heart of the survivor. Your children will rip your heart to shreds at some point, and you will forgive them mending your heart right back. The heart is fragile as well as vital, only it’s so much more pliable than we realize, until we’ve tested it’s durability. 

“Don’t deny yourself Love…

…just because, before it hurt so badly before”

There’s always something to suggest we insulate ourselves from the corruptions of humanity, but Love has the capacity to relieve all of our sufferings…


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