Language is only as powerful as our capacity to utilize it. What is derived from its content largely relies on the person receiving it. Take the title of this piece for example. Far too often we transpose these two understandings, helping to foster distorted beliefs. The failures in all this are more natural than anyone is willing to admit. To deliberate the intent of something, well it requires work. It’s far easier to make remote assumptions, then when enough time passes without any fallout, move that information into our belief system. Belief Systems are the backdrop for how we accept and perceive future information. If something challenges this system, we quickly dismiss the content by falsely assessing the intent. This is the foundation for ideology. 

Science takes a bit of a different approach, assuming something to be a belief, only after it has been tested within the scientific community, and acknowledged by said community. Every great discovery of science has been held as belief only as long as new discovery doesn’t replace it. A fluid belief system, as opposed to the much more rigid one everyone else subscribes to. Let’s examine this paradigm more closely. Belief systems founded in faith, utilize the benefits of belief systems founded in science, because they gain value from them, and only require stepping outside their faith long enough to capture that self serving benefit. Science based beliefs are only condemned if they create a moral dilemma within the faith, while delivering their benefits. 

…$1.00 tacos😳

Humanity could use some more progress. The kind that builds from compassion, not scarcity. For its within our reach, to expand the idea of abundance to more of our kind. There’s enough love to go around…



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