“Tuesday’s With”

I got caught up in the day, and nearly missed my weekly piece on perspective (not that anyone would notice its absencešŸ˜³)

The holidays have come and gone for another year, and I start to wonder what normal the various personality types return to. Christmas, especially Christmas morphs people into the spirit of showing their appreciation and gratitude towards others. While for the most part, only short lived, it’s better than who they portray themselves as the remainder of the year. I’m not excluding myself altogether from this transformation, I too gain this spirit above and beyond my regular everyday self. Personally, I look into that transition hoping to shed some amount of clarity and understanding of my everyday self. The question I present to myself each and every day is simple:  

“What am I doing to make the world better?”

Absent a measurable effort on my part, I can only assume that I’m simply one of the takers. You know, the people who can only represent what’s in their particular best interest. They give of themselves, but only to a point, and only if it relieves any guilt for being this way. I guess believing others will miraculously compensate for their share of the excess abundance. 

I guess I’m hoping that somehow humanity adopts the way we view our fellow humans along the lines of how our dogs view us? They seemingly will do whatever it takes let us know…

…it’s all about the love for themšŸ˜

#Tuesday’s With


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