I was out feeding the cows yesterday, and saw this pair of bald eagles perched in the trees. I apologize for the poor photo quality, but eagles aren’t the most approachable of the bird family. The are however, quite majestic creatures, in part from the symbolism attributed to the nationalism for which they stand. Evolutionarily speaking, I believe top tier predators such as birds of prey, deserve a measure of respect for their journey to the top of the food chain. Of all the possibilities that could have prevailed, theirs is the one that stuck. Sometimes, it seems like we humans lose sight of how fortunate our species has been, in our journey throughout time. All too often, we take this status as entitlement, rather than the grace of good fortune rising from infinite possibilities. Deserving to sit atop of all the known life forms we’re aware of on the only known inhabitable celestial body we can identify within a universe we can’t even quantify the size of. Maybe all that would lead any species sitting in our position to become self absorbed with a delusion of manifest destiny…


…Smoked Pork filled”

The capacity to share our thoughts, ideas, and recipes freely around the planet allows anyone with the notion to enjoy amazing food😎

“Just don’t fuck anything up today…”



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