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the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.

“everyone just sits in front of the TV for entertainment”

synonyms: amusement, pleasure, leisure, recreation, relaxation, fun, enjoyment, interest, diversion

“he reads for entertainment”

an event, performance, or activity designed to entertain others.

plural noun: entertainments

“a theatrical entertainment”

synonyms: show, performance, presentation, production, extravaganza, spectacle, pageant

“an entertainment for the emperor”

the action of receiving a guest or guests and providing them with food and drink.

I guess, if your political perspective is viewed as such, people pretending to be someone else for your benefit will suffice for guidance? Personally, I respect everyone’s perspective on how government should be structured and delivered, and fully accept the results of the election process. Those basic freedoms are the backbone of the democratic system. Whenever anyone speaks of their convictions for something or someone specific, I see that as part of how this incredible social order functions. Berating a particular person or organization seeking to participate, because you don’t align with their perspective is childish in nature. Getting what you want or wish for, simply because it suits your agenda is what immature humans do in response to their need to belong to something greater than their own existence. Persecution over ones private viewpoint is what lead to the majority of the world adopting democracy as the form of social order to protect those rights as freedoms. Yet, our storytelling selves seek causality in every aspect of our lives, and not getting ones way, leads to finding someone/something to cast blame upon. 

If we’re going call anyone out for their beliefs, shouldn’t we begin with the large group of those choosing not to participate in the election process? Even that, feels like grasping for something beyond our control. There may have been a litany of legitimate reasons why all of those people didn’t bother to participate. Having any influence over others is a tricky situation, and the responsibility of such a dynamic shouldn’t be taken lightly. The fallout could be an unexpected or unintended outcome, thus prudent scrutiny is warranted. But, if we didn’t want the responsibility of said influence, and just wish to express our creative self for a shit ton of money, then showing our ass in a one sided conversation to whatever audience we can assemble, seems perfectly reasonable. 

“Fuck off…

you ain’t paying to watch”

The above quotation was one of my fathers favorites. I affectionately referred to him as the first “College Educated Caveman” given his redneck social demeanor, and intellectual brilliance. Case in point, he was instrumental in the divestiture of Southwestern Bell from AT&T back in the early eighties. He worked countless hours defining what assets would belong to each organization in order to be compliant with the Dept of Justice ruling breaking them up. Contrast that image with the quotation from above drunkenly expressed at a deer camp in the Little Missouri River bottoms of Clark Co. Arkansas. Anyone paying close enough attention to his influence was only affected by their willingness to accept his position, no one else was even bothered by it…

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