What’s your biggest fear…?

Is this the emotional state gripping the nation, and why? The conservative media proclaims the battle lines are over liberals taking away your freedoms. The liberal media fears for your rights. What happens for those of us, who don’t need a side to adhere to? When did this become a zero sum situation? Why are people inherently threatened by those who don’t want exactly what they want? Could both sides be a little bit wrong? 

“Freedom to live your life…

…as long as no one is caused any harm”

When things are good for us, we’re more tolerant of others. Correlating the ability to accept others differences to our mood is where this all falls out.

I write all of this because I’ve been all these things at some point or another, and somehow grew out of that into who I am today.

I have to wonder what the alternative to all this frustration and anger towards the opposition looks like…

“Is it madness to believe there’s an alternative…šŸ˜””



6 thoughts on ““Win/Win”

  1. Thanks Plectrumm,

    Although I am shocked by the acceptance of a large group of people of the lack of respect, integrity and intellect, shown by the new President of the USA, I also have my mixed feelings about the women’s protest marches. I agree with them, but we are not all sisters united against the “evil”. There are respectful people regardless of gender, sexuality and religious and cultural background, and there are people who do not care (lack of compassion) about others’.

    To get this divide is not a good thing. Although the protest marches were non-violent and people showed creativity and even humour (which cannot be said about some of the riots in response the the president-elect a few months ago), only through our own actions can we demonstrate that working together, respect and compassion is a win/win.

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    1. Interesting perspective. I’m intrigued by the emotion humans attach to things like government, religion, sports, and all things which create group interests situations. Anthropological finds from our hunter gatherer period as a species, uniquely identify the size and scope of human capacity to exist within the framework of relationships. 125 appears to be a repeated number for the size of a tribe/village community. The evolutionary effects of that on our emotional systems appears to limit our ability to adapt to the capacity available via modern social networks…government, religion, and so forth?

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