I watched Lo and Behold this morning, while awaiting the kickoff to the NFC Championship game. It felt like the right thing to do, in an effort to balance my time between growth inspiring content (Lo & Behold) and time numbing shit. 

“It’s alright to be human…”

The documentary profiles the history of the internet, from the very first connection between a computer at UCLA, and its counterpart at Stanford way back in 1969, and the massive influence existing in today’s complex society. Just imagine your life without the existence of the internet. For those of us old enough, it’s only a trip back to our childhood. Our reliance upon the benefit of something totally man made is not fully within the control of humanity, and does represent a huge possibility for chaos in the event of its sudden and unexpected absence. 

“What happens when the totally unexpected prevails…?”

Groups with a purpose of protecting their best interests at any cost, begin to deciminate a message for understanding and support of their agenda. 

Who’s in charge of delivering the ultimate agenda for everyone to adhere to?

Humanity is constantly at a crossroads reflecting upon its very existence, yet we continually fail to achieve our ultimate reality…

“I take pictures of the perspective that prevails to my spirit…they arise from the story I attempt to rationalize each and every day of my life”



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