“My worst days are better than most peoples best…”

I’ve been conflicted about sharing my thoughts today, given the heightened emotional state of so many in my world. Hardly a day goes by, where I don’t hear first hand of people’s fear and anxiety about the future based upon the United States presidential election results. 

The adult male in the above photo was my great grandfather. He abandoned his family and sought his own interests, without regard to the wife and three children he left behind. My grandfather was only nine at the time, and had to stop going to school to take a job to support his role as head of the household. His mother liked to drink, and took up with whatever man would show her any interest. She too abandoned her children a few years later. Papa was taken in by the Martin family, his older sister married at fourteen, his younger brother moved in with an uncle. I never once heard any one of them speak of their circumstances in a way that would incite pity from anyone, for their pride in overcoming that to raise families of their own, that never faced such struggles was their story. 

“Receiving the Bronze Star ⭐️ on the deck of the Suwannee…”

I’m conflicted because of the compassion I feel for the people I care for as they struggle with the difficulties surrounding their world. At the same time, I know what capacity resides within the human spirit to overcome whatever human adversity arises…


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