1.(of an increase) becoming more and more rapid.

“the social security budget was rising at an exponential rate”


of or expressed by a mathematical exponent.

“an exponential curve”

Exponential Growth evades the average person’s ability to fully comprehend…

One need not be a bonafide mathematician to realize the power of compounded growth. Thomas Friedman writes about the effects of the current population growth affecting human existence in the not too distant future. Financial organizations utilize this tool to forecast wealth building. It’s power knows no boundaries given the emotionless qualities of mathematics in general. The story being laid down before us is a dark image of unspeakable temperatures, shortages of fresh water and food, and human suffering, the likes of which only our australopithecan ancestors have experienced.  


The world is a complex place, with millions of organisms vying for their place, while remaining in balance with the planets capacity to support them. Of all the life forms present across the entirety of earths existence, only one has the capacity to ruin it for all of them…mankind. 

For the entirety of our known history (written) we have foreseen this set of circumstances as so distant, it didn’t require any immediate attention. Hmmm, sound familiar? That’s not how exponential growth works, it builds upon itself each and every step of the way. Waiting to formulate a plan for what is present today, fails to identify what is needed tomorrow. 

I won’t be around with this day comes, but there could be loved ones dear to my heart, facing this daunting challenge. It hurts to think about it…it hurts worse to not act upon it😔



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